You’re All Invited…to My Dream Home!

Come share a meal in my beautiful new kitchen!

Come share a meal in my beautiful new kitchen!

I am so inspired by this whole money mojo magic – it has brought back memories of a time in 1998 when I made a simple list on a sheet of paper from a legal pad. I listed the basic elements of my dream home – size of home, # of bedrooms – and filed it away in a folder where I saved home improvement receipts for the home I already loved and was comfortable in  – and grateful for. Three years later we purchased the home on my dream list – the year it was built? 1998, just a few months after I made my list. No, I didn’t even know the builder (the human builder), yet it was built to my specifications.

But, I didn’t know any better and for the 6 years that I lived in that beautiful home, I kept saying to my friends, “I can’t believe I actually live here! I keep waiting for the real owners to come home and tell me I’m done house sitting.”  During that time my whole world as I knew it disintegrated, and I no longer have that beautiful home.

I realized how powerful that simple list was, but I think I’ve been afraid to dream.

I’ve just given my self permission to dream again, and you’re all invited to my new adventure.

The picture in this post is my new kitchen in the new home that I am manifesting (new husband included *wink*).

I am looking for other pictures of a beautiful Tuscan home that is breathtakingly beautiful. I have found several others and will post them later as this dream / adventure unfolds.

Blessings on all of our intentions & dreams!

5 thoughts on “You’re All Invited…to My Dream Home!

  1. AvatarMulata

    Love your beautiful and bright kitchen. I beat you will create just amazing and memorable moments there. Cheers ( a toast for it!)


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