Yeah baby! Have just been headhunted i…

Yeah baby!

Have just been headhunted into a new three-day a week job with the same take-home pay – or better! – than my current job; AND I’m working with people I love doing fun things every day!

The first novel is polished to a brilliant shine and my new publisher loves it so much, it will get a big marketing budget – look for it in the front window of your local bookshop! It already has an online following and word of mouth will see it reach amazing sales figures.

The second novel storyline is gelling beautifully, with all the complex narrative arcs resolving themselves seamlessly and effortlessly, and the characters just popping off the page – I don’t need to make up what they do, I just report it as they play out their amazing journeys!

I love my new car, the smell and feel of it, and the gorgeous vivid colour – love the purr of the engine on the open road, the way it responds under my hand and the beautiful design.

Every day the adventure just gets more and more fun – whoo hoo!!

4 thoughts on “Yeah baby! Have just been headhunted i…

  1. Avatarjanettedalgliesh Post author

    BFO moment!!!

    I was reading judiesJuice’s kind reply and thought “I should tell her it’s not happened YET” … but then I remembered Kim’s approach to TIME and realised that it only hasn’t happened yet IF I believe that my reality moves through a linear time construct…. so… NOW I’m choosing to have my reality of what-is-to-come RIGHT NOW in this moment!!!

    Whoo-absolutely-hoo!!! 😀

    And yes, happy to autograph the novel – hee hee!!

  2. AvatarJeannette

    You are GOOD at this, Janette!! I couldn’t help smiling through your whole post!!

    Congrats on the fab new job that they recruited you for; for the brilliant novel(s), the beautiful car and grand adventure! woo hoo!!

  3. AvatarjudiesJuice

    Your new job sounds AMAZING!! I’ll take some of that 🙂

    Congrats on the fantastic news of your novel!!! I cannot wait to read it. Do you think you can autograph it for me?


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