WOW!!!  That’s really all I can say right now:)  Life is soooo good to me these days!!

My very first teleclass sold out in record time!!  I had the idea Sunday night, put the sales page up Tuesday morning, and by the end of the week the class was entirely sold out!  I am so humbled to know that I am *absolutely* doing what I am meant to be doing right now, and people are really resonating with me.  This class is going to be soooo fun!  🙂

I have more coaching clients than ever, because all my clients are referring me to their family and friends!!  They are also telling all their friends about my new ebook, so people are buying my ebook on a daily basis!!  Every single day, I receive notification that I have more money waiting for me in my PayPal account:)

More than anything, I am so incredibly grateful that I feel so amazingly GOOD!!!  That is what’s most important to me: feeling good, feeling inspired, living on-purpose, and knowing that I’m putting my skills and talents to good use in this world.  I love helping others, and it feels so wonderful and fufilling to know that I’m doing that!!

I love all the success that has come to my through my website, and I can’t wait to keep sharing myself with others and helping them create their ideal lives!!  And So It Is:)

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