Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for…

Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for 2 days and look what happens while I’m away – Jeannette outdoes herself by setting up the best blog on the Internet! Yes, I know it’s a Big Statement, but come on folks – you know I’m right 😉

It’s nearly my bedtime and I don’t have much to say right now, just THANK YOU Jeannette for making this wonderful playground for the rest of us to hang out. Twitter is good but sometimes 140 just isn’t enough…


1 thought on “Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for…

  1. Avatarjmaw

    You are sweet, Janette! Credit goes to Ben for actually putting this together, to Mark for suggesting the P2 theme, and I think this was actually someone else’s idea from Good Vibe Blog. ha! So all I did was put my name on it and invite you all to play! lol

    Ben is still playing with font colors and types … so we’ll have to let him know when he gets a great mix. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, Janette – I do believe we’ll not only have a great time here, but we’ll also create some AMAZING things and experiences in our lives!


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