WOW! Dreams really do come true. Back in…

WOW! Dreams really do come true. Back in May I heard about a contest where the winner gets to learn to fly a helicopter! An $18,000 value! And miracle of miracles, they just told me that I WON! I have always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, but I was told that it is too hard and that the lessons are too expensive. But this is free, free, free! Hey, I can afford FREE! And there’s more! And I’m not sure if this is good or bad but they are doing this for a reality TV show. So they will probably show my struggles and frustrations, but you know I have always wanted to be on TV so maybe this will be the start of something wonderful. Wouldn’t it be cool if my future wife saw me on the show and she contacted me so we could go flying together? Wow, the possibilities are endless. Of course now I am going to want to own my own helicopter. But I have already been thinking about how I could afford one. I think I will spend some time in Hawaii, or some other exotic play-land of the rich and famous, and work as a pilot for a helicopter tour company. I wonder which famous people I will meet? I hope I get to talk to them about the Law of Attraction. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Tonight I am going to go out to dinner to celebrate! But maybe I shouldn’t eat too much, I wouldn’t want the helicopter to have trouble getting off the ground. hee heee.

2 thoughts on “WOW! Dreams really do come true. Back in…

  1. AvatarRobert Higginson

    I’m so glad you liked it. I was a little worried about it being too corny, but the TV people kept telling me that women love “corny” things like that, and they were so right. My fiancee loved it and it is something that she will never forget. They plan to shoot a short piece about our wedding, so watch for that. But I’m not even telling them where we are going on our honeymoon 😉

  2. Avatarzannie

    I saw that follow up TV show they did, where you flew in the sky, and the smoke in the sky spelt out ‘will you marry me?’ and the girl who saw you on the original show and contacted you, was so thrilled to say ‘yes’ ..I love romantic endings to a story, or should I say beginnings?


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