Why Am I So Happy!?

My dreams came trueWhy am so full of energy and chutzpah!?
Why am I so, so, so in love?
Why am I living the life of my dreams?

WHy did it all happen overnight in the most  amazing, magical way?

Why am I floating on air and so in love with the world?

Why am I SO aligned with everything I want :D?

My life as I saw it, love, laughter, fun, happiness, friends, connection, fun times, all here now.

Why am I so trusting, happy, knowing and patient?

Why am I so peaceful with what is?

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About Coach T.I.A

CTI trained Co-Active Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Psych-K facilitator and Law of Attraction Coach (aka Conscious Creation). Lover of Life, Live for Fun. I am VERY much inspired by fun an I know that what really gets results is taking inspired action (not just action for the sake of it). Combining these 2 aspects make for a guaranteed path to success and truly reflect my beliefs, mission, vision, work and life. I coach you to take inspired action rather than banging your head against a wall to get results. Why do it the hard way when there is a much more effective and faster way to get what we want?

1 thought on “Why Am I So Happy!?

  1. Avatartiffany blue

    why are you so amazing at making powerful statements? why is this life so easygoing and fantastically fun?


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