When it rains, it pours!!!

Who knew when I woke up today and walked to work in the misty rain that so much brightness would be delivered!?!  I had an easy but productive day at work and just before I left I received a voicemail from a producer who just cast me in a show!!  I start rehearsals for it next week and I can’t wait!  It is IN THE CITY and it PAYS really well!!  As if THAT weren’t enough, I got a call from the casting director of a tour that I had been called back for in the fall.  They are interested in me for the replacement cast!  It even fits PERFECTLY into my schedule for the summer without my having to back out of any prior commitments!!!  And I know my roommates will take care of and love my Maverick while I am gone.  I will miss him, but it isn’t a REALLY long time.  It’s just enough time to be really worthwhile though!  I am so giddy.  AND I have someone I KNOW interested in subletting my room/taking care of Mav for me, so I can actually MAKE some money while I am working!  Also…I found out that they cast directly from my headshots and I booked that print ad!  I am going to make half the amount of money I owe on my credit card in 2 days work!!!!  And my full-time job is GIDDY for me!  I didn’t have to lie to them about what I am missing.  They support me entirely and I have this job for as long as I want it.  Which won’t be long….as I am about to get REALLY busy doing what I LOVE!!!!!  Who on earth knew things could get so WONDERFUL in one short day!?!?!

Oh…and I met someone…


3 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours!!!

  1. AvatarJM

    Hey there! thought an update could be fun for this one too! Just after writing this I got two offers for shows in NY. Seriously. It doesn’t matter that one is non-paying, and the other one probably is….what matters is that…out of nowhere…two people who know me contacted me to work with them on shows…in the city. I haven’t been able to stop thinking how I actually did write that into existence on here! I have even stayed a little while away, as I wanted to be sure to carefully write out my next posts!!!

    Soo, SelfHelpGoddess….thanks for your urging to get me to write more about this…someone…stay tuned…on my next post!

  2. Avatarjmaw

    Oh, Visionary Fairy, congrats on all the great unfoldings and thanks for the buzz I got just from reading about them!

    WOO HOO!!


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