What a wonderful day!

Zippity doo dah, zippity day!  I had a fabulous walk out in nature this morning and my angels and guides were there with me, encouraging me, providing guidance and love. Awesome!

I have so much energy!  All “to-do’s” were done effortlessly, happily and with a zip in my step.  I am always smiling!

And the little stray kitty cats I’ve been feeding – they finally let me pet them!  They’ve been such ‘scaredy-cats’, but now that I’ve been feeding them and talking to them for so long, they sit and wait on my patio for food in the morning.  Finally today they let me pet them… sweet kitties!

It’s the most wonderful thing – when you go out in to the world expecting joy and peace and it appears like a butterfly.  Negative emotions? – Poof! Gone! What negative emotions?  POSITIVITY!

I love my life! I love life!

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