Welcoming A New Life!!

Bull's Eye!!I am so happy and excited to receive notice of an exciting and wonderful opportunity that will allow a rapid exit from the work-force!!

I love my life and know something is in store for me!! Our radio show is rocking on, My EBooks are selling like hotcakes, I  have a new career reading people’s EBooks and loving every moment, as I infuse enthusiasm and love into every word!!

I am so happy and excited by the successes of everyone in my life and for everyone here on the PR Blog!!

I live in the present moment, love the energy of the fun and happiness on Moon, Moo & You, and openly embrace the pure potentiality of each new day!!

Love and Thanks!!

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About kateloving

Born and raised in Lancaster County PA, and a nurse for 25 years, I feel a stirring within myself to go out and try my entrepreneurial online wings and leave behind the workplace forever. This is currently what I am using my PRJ for, specifically.

3 thoughts on “Welcoming A New Life!!

  1. AvatarGrace

    My e-book sales are monumental! I am thrilled and loving every minute of this success! I smile every time I get a message from paypal – You have a sale! Sometimes I laugh out loud! Life is a giggle!

  2. Avatarjmaw

    We got an ebook hotcake selling vibe going here – YAY!! Especially liking your rapid and wonderful exit from “work” force – ha!

    The energy you bring here is fabulous, Kate. THANK YOU! 🙂


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