um, WOW!!!

Wow, ever since Jeannette’s money post on the GoodVibeBlog and my PRJ post on here the other day about unexpected income, my money vibe has been SKY-HIGH!!!  And I’m loving every second of it:)

About two months ago I started a new J-O-B, while I work on developing my on-line business.  For whatever reason, they’ve started entrusting me with taking the company checks to the bank every day.  It’s not part of my job or even my department (I work in HR), but it’s totally fine with me because I love the walks in the sunshine + it allows me to get in touch with more $$!  Up until today the checks have been around $10,000, and I feel pretty special that they’ve entrusted the newest employee here with handling that much company money.  But today they gave me a check to take to the bank that’s over $400,000!!!  Little ole me with FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in her hand!!  One time I held a check for $200,000, but this definitely takes the cake!!

All the way to the bank I’m going to act like it’s my $400,000 and get into the feeling place of what that would be like… because one day soon I hope to be depositing my OWN check into the bank worth $400,000!!!


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  1. AvatarInner Genius Coach

    Oooh, I like it. Cozy with $400K. Now that is a wonderful money vibe. Keep up the money vibe.


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