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Thank you Universe!

Thank you universe for all of the magnificent and truly amazing gifts that enrich my life from which i know i am loved and blessed!! All that enables me to experience and grow is an expression of the love the universe has for me and it is boundless……

I am surrounded by the light of this boundless love and through me it can shine in to the world and through it  i too become an expression of this perfect universe; pure, undiluted love. 

And my beautiful children who make me laugh and smile, that challenge me in ways before unknown, are part of that expression.  Watching them grow, listening to them speak, feeling as we become more than parent and child but friends bonded by a selfless love makes tears of joy spring to my eyes.  Can there be a more magnificent expression of the love the universe feels for me?

And my partner; my best friend; the one for whom I  searched and waited patiently for for such a long time…….He is my sun, moon and stars, a perfect mirror of my inner being we are connected more deeply than words can explain.

Thank you universe!  Love is too a small a word to express the emotion, the appreciation, the security, the peace I feel when I open myself up to you!   It is a connection that can be forgotten, but never broken.  You are there always lighting the way and guiding my steps, and although I do not always listening your faith in me is boundless.  Thank you universe!

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Just a simple soul, listening and finding answers that can make the world a more beautiful place to visit. i have two children and a amazing partner. i am currently doing an MScc in research in Politics and will be starting my PhD next year the topic of which is 'Political Apathy and Social Dissaffection in a Growing British Underclass. Through my research i hope to find some way through the fog that currently hangs over our society, but with the loving help of the universe i will find make a difference.

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