Today is the type of day that I love. It…

Today is the type of day that I love. It’s almost perfect. I’m sitting in our den with the fireplace on but with the flames on the low side. Enjoying a cup of tea, playing music on my Ipod while watching our son sleep cozily nearby in his pack and play. Our son is beautiful, blessed and healthy. We love him so much. My husband is in the living room with the flu unfortunately. Dozing off and on, surrounded by fluffy comforters, stretched out on our 12 piece black leather sectional. If it weren’t for the occasional rise and fall of the blankets or a sniffle or 2, I wouldn’t know he was there. Baseball game broadcasting loudly from the 82 inch plasma TV. Even though its been months since its been purchased, I still feel weird about having a TV that large but I’m happy. We’re happy. I tell Mr. Man to go upstairs to the bedroom where he might be more comfortable, where he can stretch out on the King Sized bed. Of course he says No, he’s ok where he is. I think he likes being downstairs with his family near. He also enjoys being near the kitchen where he can rummage for snack after snack. What a difference a win makes! I am grateful for the weight that has been lifted. Now I can stay home with our son. Mr. Man doesn’t have to ever worry about working but I know that he still will. I’ll still put in some work with Chris because it provides me with a challenge. I love the high rise that we live in, I love the views overlooking the city. I love that we have around-the-clock security, I love that we have our own floor as well. So much gratitude, appreciation and love! My son coos sleepily from his pack and play. I stare at him again in love and wonderment. Love the little guy. I love the big guy too. I cuddle with my hubby so that he doesn’t feel left out. His body temperature is hot but he welcomes the attention even in his half asleep state. We wrap arms and legs around each other for a few minutes before we let each other go. No need for both of us to be sick. I head to the kitchen in search of theraflu.

I’m still trying to get the hang of all of the cabinets, nooks and crannies of the kitchen and its layout. Always wanted a beautiful kitchen which would inspire me to cook, but right now I’ll settle for just being able to find what I’m looking for. I hear a subtle noise and realize that its drizzling outside.

I watch the raindrops as I set up the coffee/tea machine to get the hot water going for my hubby’s drink. I think on how so many things have changed over the past few weeks. Winning this insane amount of money, marrying my high school sweetheart, and us loving each other and enjoying the good life! more to come <3

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