Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am…

Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am alive with the wind blowing in my face and feeling so wonderful! I am healed. I am whole. I have no pain. My body moves easily throughout my day with ease as I care for the kids and take care of my home. I am working at my dream job and making excellent money. Every day I give thanks for the wonderful life I live. My children are happy and so successful in school. My husband is happy and making his dream come true of turning over houses and making money and people happy with the work that he is doing. I can run a mile now with ease and do yoga for an hour everyday. My body is perfect and complete. I don’t take any medication to feel painfree, I am painfree. I am heathy. I am healed. I am well and I love my body. I Love my life!

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