These foster puppies are so much fun! Th…

These foster puppies are so much fun! Their mom is doing SUCH a great job with them, and she’s fitting in our pack really nicely. She even lets Sadie and Koda and Elvis play with her pups! (And is great with the neighbor kids, too!)

They’re growing fast, they’re fat and healthy and happy, they’re an absolute joy to have here. And their perfect new families are lining up beautifully to adopt them into their new places. i couldn’t be more pleased with how well this is all turning out! Seriously, these memories are going to last me a lifetime – how much fun we all had together; how much I enjoyed taking care of them and playing with them; how well they did here; and how rewarding it was to step up to help out with this pregnant pit bull mom. What a joy!

2 thoughts on “These foster puppies are so much fun! Th…

  1. AvatarElisabeth

    I loved the story you told about how Elvis and one of the pups fell asleep all cuddled up together. The picture was sooooo adorable!

  2. AvatarJulieB

    Those puppies are so happy and healthy Jeannette! By gosh, they are the cutest pups EVER! I love how curious Elvis is and is as sweet as can be w/ them. That is one big happy family… PUPPY HEAVEN! I was so happy to see the pics this weekend! 🙂


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