Pretty cool, Universe…

That was pretty freakin’ cool, Universe, how I launched this huge Money Mojo Magic party (which was your idea, anyway) and you brought all the perfect players and resources and systems and connections and ideas and streamers and band members and disco lights and drinks to make it a fabulous event! (The male dancers was a particularly nice touch – ha!)

Just when I thought “I can’t do this alone” you reminded me I don’t have to! And delivered amazing help and support for it all.

Man, I love how things always work out! WOO HOO!!

5 thoughts on “Pretty cool, Universe…

  1. AvatarAnnette

    I love this!
    And to think, on June 20th I sent out a letter to those who had been personally involved in an “aha!!’ moment. In that email. I spoke about meeting, connecting with and working alongside people I consider successful! I also spoke about jumping into my OWN shoes!
    It’s raining!
    oh dear – – for you & the male dancers – it’s Raining Men!!!`

  2. AvatarDana - Your Inspired Coach

    All three of you are a hoot! Sounds like TUT has gotten to you! I’ll bring the boom-chicka-wah-wah!

    Susan, the Jet Stream to the Jeannette Stream is just priceless!

  3. AvatarPure Potential

    I particularly enjoy the streamers of energy swooshing across the country and around the world! Renaming the Jet Stream – the Jeannette Stream!


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