Thank you Universe for the blessings and…

Thank you Universe for the blessings and being so good to me. The past few days have been lovely. I’ve felt content and at peace in my little bubble, as my aunt calls it. Spending time with my husband and our boy at home, cuddling, singing, cooking, acting silly, etc. My phone has been off and I welcomed the silence, a break from the intrusion of the outside world. My mother stopped by yesterday for a little bit to see the babe and shower him with kisses. She was on her way to work. Since my win, her worries….financial anyway, are few. She mentioned not working but so far she’s still going. I know she plans on redoing the kitchen at least. My aunt also dropped by. She “scolded” me for hibernating, for being too comfortable inside the bubble with my little family. I smirked and shrugged. We went out for Dunkin Donuts. We could have taken the 2014 ford focus st. Cute sporty little thing that I knew she’d like. Couldn’t convince her to get a different color though. Red as usual. I felt like walking. I bundled up my little lamb and we walked. Hubby had left already for the store, he planned on making dinner. His flu seemed to have flown. I looked out for some theraflu for him anyways. No luck. Gotta keep it in the front of my mind/heart to express my love, appreciation, support and gratitude for him/to him. He accepts my little quirks although I know they bug him. He’s been in the house with us for several days, and not just because he was sick. This says alot since hubby is very much a social butterfly and appears to need lots of stimulation, sights, sounds, movement. It tends to drive him bananas being cooped up for too long but here he was at home and I was content. Also grateful that the Universe has provided financial abundance to an amazingly awesome degree. This goes beyond simply being able to afford the cars, condos, houses, trips, etc for myself and family but appreciative of the time with each other the freedom of money allows us to have. Aunty and I hit the elevator and travel down to the lobby. We pass the security personnel and I speak briefly to them. Usually I head left for the garage. Eager to step inside my Souped up mustang, push the start and hit the gas. Feeling invincible and unstoppable within its jet black interior but my vibe is more subdued so I go with it. One foot in front of the other, off to the store. Today, I just feel like Tee. Hair done but in a cute ponytail, pedicure, manicure, fitted jogging suit to show off some of the work I’ve done at the gym.

Aunty prattles on about my hiding again. Not letting the world in or more importantly not seeing the world. Not seeming to fully enjoy what I’ve been blessed with. I am enjoying it, I’m still getting use to it. Skeptical of a few things/people because of my new fortune. Moving slowly, taking it in. I am happy.

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