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From: The Universe With Love.

The universe has blessed me in a numbers of ways. All that I have in my life has in some way been a gift from the universe. It hears my requests and knows how to respond. In many instances the universe has come through to deliver a request right when life seemed to be at it’s most difficult point. It happens that way quite a lot for me. I never get scared when life takes it’s wild twists and turns. Because the universe has my back and I know it. Wealth and money flow to me in copious amounts when I least expect it. So I always seem to be depositing checks of very large amounts into my bank account. The bank tellers (a couple are real cuties) always laugh when they see me coming because they know what I’m there for, to deposit another ridiculously large check into my various accounts. Maybe I should take a couple of them out to lunch. Hey, I bet it’s a little extra gift from the universe sending me some love. Nice !!