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Release II, The Realization

A funny thing happened today on my morning run.  I was almost home when I realized something really cool. My mind was not going 10,000 miles per hour like it usually does.  Since realeasing everything into the universes care, I feel an amazing quietness in my mind.  I feel a sense of confidence that the universe will iron out all of the little details in my life.  The details  that my mind used to turn into giant problems are being taken care by the laws of the universe.  I instantly felt lighter, happier and an amazing calm that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I actually started to laugh out loud because I also realized that the universe has once again answered one of my greatest desires, which was peace of mind.  Yes, the universe continues to answer me in pretty awesome ways.  I have all of the health, money and wealth that I could ever want and now peace of mind to boot !!!  Pretty dang amazing how when I release all of my perceived problems as well as my fondest dreams to the universe, it sorts it all out for me and sends me back what I truly want in my life. Health, wealth, money, peace of mind, in abundance !!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO THE UNIVERSE !!!

My angel cards for today are Clarity, Su…

My angel cards for today are Clarity, Surrender and Synthesis. In that order.

I love the perfection of the Universe!

I love how Clarity, Surrender and Synthesis are alive in my life…and how each and every thing I do comes from this space.

I love the trust I have in these three words. I love how they harmonize and complete each other.

I love how relaxed and peaceful I feel in the flow, knowing that Clarity, Surrender and Synthesis are at work in the creation of my experience!

Riding the Wave of Grace & Ease!

We’re in the midst of riding another exciting wave of grace and ease as we move to Wisconsin from Colorado!

I just love how everything is flowing effortlessly along…we just show up as willing participants and the rest unfolds brilliantly around and before us!

I love how centered and at peace I feel in this transition. All of the puzzle pieces are coming to us and putting themselves in place as we watch in appreciation and awe.

I love that there are endless options of potential around finding our next ‘home’ for us to physically land.  I love that I feel free from having to know the details around what it is…and that I can just be JOYful in the adventure of discovery…knowing full well that I will LOVE the outcome!



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that a furnished apartment that loves critters just showed up to make everything extra super easy for as long as we need it!!

I love knowing and trusting the Divine Timing at work around our house in CO selling.  I can just feel how perfect the timing is!  I love that the Universe has got us covered…and that I can relax in that knowing.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I get to play w/my nieces (& their Mommy) all summer long! While all the details around our move are ‘figured out’ by the Universe, I’ll be swimming, running through fields of wildflowers, hugging horses, going for walks in nature, playing with Ashki (our doggie love), Phanny & Hina (2 cats!), blogging here & there for the JOY of it, playing, playing, playing, tweeting, playing…etc.!!

I love that my life is focused on feeling good and living for JOY. I love that I get to share that w/others who want to their lives to feel good and be focused on JOY, too!

I love that all of this is REAL & TRUE!!!  :0)

PS~Thanks Universe, for being our navigator as we journey eastward to WI on Tues.  We know how much you love to pave the way for ‘smooth sailing’…as we drive across this gloriously green and beautiful country!

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