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Sydney’s Next Fabulous Step

img_22951I can’t believe I worried for a single second about Sydney’s next step in her journey! Her new foster home is a dream come true!

They treat her like the most valued member of their family; she gets the run of the place, (which is easy for her to navigate); she always has great company and is totally relaxed and happy living with them. She’s got a beautiful yard to hang out in, great neighbors to love her too (including young kids – her favorite!!), another golden retriever who she likes quite a bit (and who adores her back!), she gets lots of TLC and quality time with her people, she continues her dramatic and swift healing (gosh I love that girl!), and she’s happier than she’s ever been in her entire life.

These people have great energy and are so happy to welcome her into their lives! They’ve invited us to visit anytime and asked if we could please exchange photos and video of Sydney. She sure does deserve this happy next step!!

I feel so lucky to have been part of her journey and am grateful for the new family who will see her through the rest of her healing, maybe even be her permanent loving home.

Thank you angels!  MWAH!!