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An acquaintance told me how his wife got her job. Years and years ago, like about 16 years ago, she went on holiday in another country where she had some friends. She was staying at her friends’ condo and they had a great view overlooking the downtown area. She could see an enormous skyscraper from their window, it dominated the whole sky and it was all lit up with coloured lights. The skyscraper belonged to Company Z and you could see the logo of Company Z at the top of it, in fact it was called the Company Z Tower. She said to herself, wouldn’t it be so fancy to work in that tower for Company Z, I wish I could work for a company like Company Z, that has a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all the way around it.

Well she returned home and carried on with life as usual. A year later she graduated and started looking for a job. She sent out CV’s all over the place and guess which company hired her? The local office of Company Z (an international firm with offices all over the world). Now she has been working for Company Z for 15 years, she’s deliriously happy with her job and loves it, and she works on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all around it, with a view from her office that takes your breath away.

Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

Sharing The Wealth !!

I have really enjoyed sharing all of the good things that have come my way. Being able to enjoy having financial wealth and abundance with the people in my life has been one of the most pleasurable things I’ve done. I have loved the weekends I’ve spent with my brother lately. When we talk on the phone during the week, it’s always about planning the next fun weekend together. Being financially independent means that money is not a factor in the planning. It’s actually harder than you might think because there is so much we CAN do. Our schemes usually come down to what do we have time to do during any given weekend. The feeling I get out of all of this is always a relaxed and joyful feeling that we are able to go do ANYTHING we want. I love living this way. I love being financially able to go anywhere and do anything and to share it all. I also work to achieve the same feelings in my professional life. I have shared some great successes alongside some wonderful people in business. These same people seek me out again and again in business because of the way I approach each person and situation. That is with openness and joy. Yep, joy that we are creating things together that have helped all of us to realize success. And success feels very,very good !!

My Life In The Flow

Everyday I find myself in the flow. Everything I do, say and feel brings me more and more of what I want in life. It just happens. I don’t really have to do anything. Money, wealth and abundance are swept into my path by the flow.  Everywhere I turn I feel the flow gently pushing me along.  A parking space up front, tickets to a sold out concert belonging to a beautiful woman who needs someone to go with her, people who want me to come work for them so badly that they are offering signing bonuses. These things really happen. All I have to do is follow the flow and it takes me right to the very spot I need to be at the very moment I need to be there. Even in my sleep I float along with the flow of my life, where I get little previews of “Coming Attractions”.  I love the feeling too, it’s like someones hands on your shoulder pointing you in the direction they want you to go. It feels very reassuring. I have to go now, because the flow is guiding me to new destinations full of wealth and abundance.

The Group Reiki Healing class is a succe…

The Group Reiki Healing class is a success. I teach people a technique for healing their money vibe. The subsequent recording is selling 10 copies a day. Already 10 of the listeners became monthly Reiki clients. All this fun has brought in an amount equivalent to my financial investment in coach education in the past 2 years.
Every day is filled with laughter.

Just Like That!

Just like that one of my clients has her dream come true man looking for the perfect ring to propose to her with. My other client feels the gift in the freedom from being released from her job and uses that liberation to build the business she has been meant to build from Day One! My other client gets a speaking gig that lands her on the map of Who’s Who in the Motivational world. My other client sheds the last of what was holding him back and fully steps into his dream come true life where he experiences even more exotic and paid for travel, even more inspired service (and lucrative income to go with it), and his relationship reveals itself for the perfection it is.

My other client – two of them, actually – recognize the opportunity for true love that’s been right under their noses all along. Kudos to them for lettin’ it in!!

My other client continues to sell her incredibly inspirational and original art pieces left and right – no matter where she happens to be on the globe. Another client gets her dream come true career when amazing things come together – just as she predicted they could!

And the good news continues on down the client roster. Miracle and miracle after magic unfolding after pleasant surprise after treasureful twists!! WOO HOO!! JUST LIKE THAT. 🙂