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An acquaintance told me how his wife got her job. Years and years ago, like about 16 years ago, she went on holiday in another country where she had some friends. She was staying at her friends’ condo and they had a great view overlooking the downtown area. She could see an enormous skyscraper from their window, it dominated the whole sky and it was all lit up with coloured lights. The skyscraper belonged to Company Z and you could see the logo of Company Z at the top of it, in fact it was called the Company Z Tower. She said to herself, wouldn’t it be so fancy to work in that tower for Company Z, I wish I could work for a company like Company Z, that has a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all the way around it.

Well she returned home and carried on with life as usual. A year later she graduated and started looking for a job. She sent out CV’s all over the place and guess which company hired her? The local office of Company Z (an international firm with offices all over the world). Now she has been working for Company Z for 15 years, she’s deliriously happy with her job and loves it, and she works on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all around it, with a view from her office that takes your breath away.

I am beyond thrilled right now! One of …

I am beyond thrilled right now! One of my biggest wishes just came true!!! I just heard back from the job I applied for. They are extremely interested in me and have asked me to take the next steps. Yeah baby!! I know this job is MINE 🙂 It is perfect, since the job is part time in the city and part time at home so I am still able to take care of my girls, walk them to school and be home by the time they get home. They mentioned the salary and I was SHOCKED to see how well they are willing to compensate me. It blew me away. I know I will develop many new skills that will only benefit me. I am so happy and relieved that everything is just falling perfectly in place. What a relief!

I cannot wait to see what other amazing opportunities and experiences that are coming my way. Thank you Universe and Thank You Jeannette for creating this blog.