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$500 Lottery Scratcher

I am grateful for all of the things I have in my life today !! The loving universe has granted me all of my requests. I regularly gain money in surprising ways. Yesterday I won $500 on a lottery scratcher ticket !!! I took the money and we had a big BBQ up in the mountains at my brothers house which is very near the ski resorts !! Everybody got to enjoy the money that came to me in such a surprising way ! It’s awesome to know that even the little things I do result in more money flowing into my life for my benefit as well as for the benefit of others !! I keep my mind tuned into what the universe is telling me for more wealth and abundance. It feels really good to share as well !! !!!

Sometimes They Come Back !!

Once again people are coming to me for help. Over the past 24 hours several former employers have called me asking if I would be interested in coming to work for them again. It feels pretty freakin’ good actually because I’m already working at a job that pays me a fantastic salary with awesome benefits. still I am considering it because both were really fun jobs but for completely different reasons and I know the people involved already love my work. It’s pretty interesting how things like this seem to pop up very unexpected like and when I am already financially set and doing something I enjoy. I very well could be getting the high sign from the Universe to switch things up a bit. Things just keep going my way in terms of money and I like it that way. Since I have released just about everything else to the Universe, I can’t help but feel extremely laid back about it all. Such a great way to live life !! Anyways, I know that the flow will guide me towards even more wealth and abundance in my life and I don’t have to really try or worry about a thing. It’s all going to be taken care of !! This feels so good !!

Realizing My Potential to Manifest !!

The universe continues to shower me with an abundance of money, wealth and love.  In the last few days I have earned money for services I am currently providing, received checks in the mail from any number of people and businesses and I have actually found money, that’s right FOUND MONEY, (this last one I realized right away that it was directly from the universe answering my request).  I am totally grateful for all of the money, wealth and love that flows directly to me from the universe.  Here is one of the more amazing themes that has caught my attention over the last few days: I am a single guy and I’m always looking to meet women that have potential for dating and/or long term relationship. Over the last several days I have been meeting one after the other, after the other of mostly single, beautiful and potential dates and/or lovers.  There were a couple of very in depth conversations and one young lady in particular caught my eye and the electricity/chemistry/something (?) was very apparent.  Several people passing by actually stopped in their tracks and turned to stare for a few seconds at us and all we were doing was talking. It was that palpable.  Now it turns out that she is currently dating someone but she made it clear that she was uncertain of that relationships future.  Anyways, you get the idea of what it’s been like for the last couple of days in that department.  SO, here I am, open and ready to except all of the money, wealth and love that is right now being showered upon me in abundance from the universe that hears my requests and gets crackin’ on those requests without delay !!


Thank you universe for my financial abundance. I accept it graciously and gratefully. I am happy and grateful for this financial abundance that is coming in unexpected ways. I feel blessed.

Thank you for abundance in my life!

Cheers to life!

Oh, yea, I love getting checks in the ma…

Oh, yea, I love getting checks in the mail!
I love it that like attracts like and money attracts money. I just went to the mailbox expecting that my monthly check would be there, and sure enough it was, AND there were 2 other checks there with. So I’m headed down to the Credit Union now to deposit 3 checks. I mean how cool is that! And it feels so good to have Jane pay me most of the money that she owes me. That is such a relief not to have to worry about that. And how did my check from Zija get so big so fast? It’s just incredible. It is SO nice to have more money than I was expecting. I think I am going to celcbrate by going shopping. Not because I need anything, but because I can.

I create money – it’s so easy

Isn’t it amazing how participating in Jeannette’s Money Mojo Magic Course changed my relationship with money completely? – it was so easy and fun, the energy energy of the 200+ participants on the forum was sky rocketing.

And I only participated live in the first half of it and then I went on vacation and goofed of. Of course I listened to the remaining calls after my vacation and enjoyed reading all the comments posted on the forum, but the shift happened clearly already before I went on vacation.

Now money is my friend – I’ve always got more than enough, well, actually, I CREATE money, it’s as simple as that – and it’s soooo easy 🙂

I love money! I am so impressed with m…

I love money!

I am so impressed with myself. I have mastered the art of loving money. I have a wonderful relationship with money and I enjoy my peaceful interactions with it.

I love how it is there when I want it and I never need it.

It is just there.

I enjoy showing it respect by taking good care of it.

I enjoy showing money respect by spending it on things I love and want

I enjoy sharing it with others.

I enjoy using it as a way to bless other people.

I enjoy this new found easy relationship with money.

Ahhh. It really feels good.

thank you Money for being a wonderful part of my life.