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Why do I Love My Mailbox????

Dear Diary

Why is my mailbox always and only filled with good news daily??? Yes!! I am sooo enthusiastic about how easy it is for me to happily and joyfully collect my mail daily.  Wow!!! I do love my mailbox! I am always filled with happiness and excitement when opening my mail because it always always contains good news and good things. How wonderful is that??? For a long time, my habit has been to feel lighthearted, joyful and excited when retrieiving my mail.

My life feels soo easy and fun now!!!!  How does it get even better and better than that? Each day I go to my mailbox feeling really happy and excited absolutely looking forward to all the goodies that are waiting for me. And guess what?? Prosperity floods my mailbox and all areas of my life in all forms from envelopes with large wads of cash, large  amount cheques, free gifts, refunds, vouchers, bank credits etc etc I love it!!! What else is possible?

Realizing My Potential to Manifest !!

The universe continues to shower me with an abundance of money, wealth and love.  In the last few days I have earned money for services I am currently providing, received checks in the mail from any number of people and businesses and I have actually found money, that’s right FOUND MONEY, (this last one I realized right away that it was directly from the universe answering my request).  I am totally grateful for all of the money, wealth and love that flows directly to me from the universe.  Here is one of the more amazing themes that has caught my attention over the last few days: I am a single guy and I’m always looking to meet women that have potential for dating and/or long term relationship. Over the last several days I have been meeting one after the other, after the other of mostly single, beautiful and potential dates and/or lovers.  There were a couple of very in depth conversations and one young lady in particular caught my eye and the electricity/chemistry/something (?) was very apparent.  Several people passing by actually stopped in their tracks and turned to stare for a few seconds at us and all we were doing was talking. It was that palpable.  Now it turns out that she is currently dating someone but she made it clear that she was uncertain of that relationships future.  Anyways, you get the idea of what it’s been like for the last couple of days in that department.  SO, here I am, open and ready to except all of the money, wealth and love that is right now being showered upon me in abundance from the universe that hears my requests and gets crackin’ on those requests without delay !!

The Group Reiki Healing class is a succe…

The Group Reiki Healing class is a success. I teach people a technique for healing their money vibe. The subsequent recording is selling 10 copies a day. Already 10 of the listeners became monthly Reiki clients. All this fun has brought in an amount equivalent to my financial investment in coach education in the past 2 years.
Every day is filled with laughter.

The first of the semi-annual shaman semi…

Leaping off thecliff knowing the ground will rise up to meet you
The first of the semi-annual shaman seminars with Jeannette and Koelle was such a success that we have a waiting list for the next one. The participants reveled in their magical selves as they learned to trust their intuitition. What teachers horses are for humans as horses have no surprise at the magic the participants manifested.
The Shaman Next Door, the book that began the process, includes interviews with 10 shamans each of whom learned to manifest miracles by trusting their intuition, their body’s language. Each chapter contains guidance for liberating your own shaman qualities.
The recommendations by the NY Times and London Times reviewers were a bonus.

The Inner Genius Masterpeice

I love my first written product for sale. I am in awe of this product. It came together so easily. I finally got a full picture in my head and it came together easily.

It reads so well. I enjoyed formatting it and laying it out. The title came to me via inspiration. The cover work is gorgeous and boy, I am so proud of myself.

I love how I dug deep into my heart, my creativity and my brain to pull all this together.

I really love the simple principles and how they weave together.

I am so grateful that the responses I am getting are positively awesome.

Those that reviewed it loved it and saw the big picture and gave me easy suggestions that I could easily factor in.

In a snap, it was all done.

First of all, it was priced right. It sold like hotcakes from the very first day that I sold it.

Second, it is an amazing read. The reports from readers say it immediately brought them relief and raised their vibration.

They said it finally put the peices of a lot of information that they know together and it made sense.

They love what I wrote and they want more. They are already asking for my next product.

In addition, so many people are asking me to teach a class and so the class naturally falls into place.

I love that I can hold a tangible product in my hand and know that it really made the difference to someone else.

I am grateful for the experience I have had writing and putting together this product.

I am already looking forward to my next product.

A very nice aside was I did not know it was so easy to make a ton of money just from doing what I love.

I love my life as a coach. I love what I am doing.

I am so happy with myself. This is pretty amazing.

What is so cool is that I am over the whole issue of creating a product and now it feels so easy. I have already started to work on my next product. I love how I have become a lean mean product making machine, and everything I write is fresh and different and authentic.

I love empowering others to want what they want and value who they are and manifest miracles in each and every area of their lives. Yes, you can have it all!