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I Love How I Feel

I love how I feel when he’s around. I love that feeling of warmth next to my body, his arms around me, and gentle caresses on my soft, baby skin. His fingers are so soft and sexy. I love how sexy I feel with him! I feel so good and alive with excitement everytime he visits. And when he calls, I feel so excited and happy to hear from him! I love how I feel loved. I know I’m loved and I deserve love but I love how I feel so special with him! I love feeling like I’m falling in love for the first time – every moment we’re together.

When I’m with him, he makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the world. I love how we laugh a lot, too! I love how much FUN we’re having! I love having fun! I love our life together! I love dancing for hours on end to music we’re listening to and to just songs that we both sing together…I love our romantic walks along the boardwalk, our spontaneous trips to Iowa Hawkeye sport events (hee hee) and how he supports my passion for my Hawkeyes, too! I love his support and I love supporting him, too.

I love how free I feel in his presence. I love how freeing our love feels – that we are each free to be ourselves: no matter what. I just love how comfortable we are with each other.

I love our dates, our date nights and our times when we just stay at home. I love his little surprise gifts, cards, calls and all these special little things he does to make me feel special. And I really love our sex! It is sizzling HOT! I love how it’s exciting and how we grow with each other in experimenting together, very comfortably. I love our connection. I just love the steamy intimacy we share together. I love our emotional connection. I love our energy! I love everything about this relationship! I love how special he is! I love our love. I love being in love with him and I love how I can BE love. Period!

I am so in love I’m bursting at the seams! My wish is that everyone experience this kind of feeling! I love my life, I love him, I love me, I love everything that has manifested for us and between us, and I just love how I feel in his presence! Yes, this is the way to enJOY life! I love how I feel! I so appreciate this love.

Realizing My Potential to Manifest !!

The universe continues to shower me with an abundance of money, wealth and love.  In the last few days I have earned money for services I am currently providing, received checks in the mail from any number of people and businesses and I have actually found money, that’s right FOUND MONEY, (this last one I realized right away that it was directly from the universe answering my request).  I am totally grateful for all of the money, wealth and love that flows directly to me from the universe.  Here is one of the more amazing themes that has caught my attention over the last few days: I am a single guy and I’m always looking to meet women that have potential for dating and/or long term relationship. Over the last several days I have been meeting one after the other, after the other of mostly single, beautiful and potential dates and/or lovers.  There were a couple of very in depth conversations and one young lady in particular caught my eye and the electricity/chemistry/something (?) was very apparent.  Several people passing by actually stopped in their tracks and turned to stare for a few seconds at us and all we were doing was talking. It was that palpable.  Now it turns out that she is currently dating someone but she made it clear that she was uncertain of that relationships future.  Anyways, you get the idea of what it’s been like for the last couple of days in that department.  SO, here I am, open and ready to except all of the money, wealth and love that is right now being showered upon me in abundance from the universe that hears my requests and gets crackin’ on those requests without delay !!

A Rollicking, Frolicking Summer of Dating Fun!!

Easy Love Manifestations Abe vid – FUN!!My Love, the Love Heart!

This is THE best summer I’ve ever had so far – lots of fun, happy, exciting times with amazing guys! Each date I go on and each guy I go out with just gets even better than the previous one!

I’m having SO much fun it’s almost illegal (yes miss J I’m finally manifesting your summer and it’s the perfect time for it!) 😀 PEople ask me HOW I’m so happy all the time and how I manage to attract such absolutely gorgeous, happy, fun, honest, spontaneous, exciting, affectionate, emotionally available, GREAT guys who are TOTALLY into me, one after the other and I say oh well, don’t you know? I asked for it!!

And at the end of summer, my lighthearted attitude towards dating and fun vibe brought THE one into my life 🙂 JUST as I knew it would. ALL this fun AND my dream man to boot – it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yeah.

WOOHOOO Thanks Universe!! LOve it :D!

I AM Grateful for All!

I am forever grateful for all that God, the Universe, brings into my life each and every day…from amazing little tidbits of information that fires up my creativity, to a reminder that all is well in my world by a joyful laugh, a gentle touch, a friendly gesture from a new or old friend, just so much that the Universe brings into my life.

My passion is to write all of the books that are in my soul awaiting to be released beginning with my first fictional novel, “My Four-Cornered Room” which I expect to be made into a major motion picture.  I expect to start up a company with my family to create a new version of a social network that is a cross between Facebook and Imeem, and to finally come together with my Twin Flame and to live the life that we have envisioned for such a long time.  To have the reunion of the Twin Flames would be heaven on earth.  In addition, to begin working together with my Twin Flame to serve humanity in every way possible…sharing inspirational msgs, serving, giving, and sharing.

My desire is to continue to be youthful, filled with vigor, energetic, healthy, and well at all times.  I desire this for my family and friends as well.

My desire is to attract like-minded souls into my life and to create heaven on earth by our positive thoughts filled with compassion and unconditional love.  We can change the world by being the change we wish to see in the world.  Yes…Yes…Yes…

Once my Twin Love and I are together, we travel the world, spending time in all the tropical islands that we can for we have talked of this and walking on the beach discussing the higher spiritual realm…that is what I desire with my Twin Love as we are spreading love everywhere we go…PEACE

I am so very excited today!! My husband…

I am so very excited today!! My husband and I just officially launched our on-line business at www.loaforcouples.com and have already started selling our on-line courses about using the LOA to create your ideal relationship. My husband is a wiz at on-line marketing and technology, so creating the on-line modules was a snap and tons of fun too!!

We love the fact that we can run our business together, and also continue to work on our relationship as we help other couples create the relationships of their dreams as well. We have already sold-out three of our upcoming workshops/seminars and are planning to add more to our schedule! We would also like to conduct some in other countries as well, so that is on our radar in the future.

I am so glad I found a partner who is so committed to personal growth, spirituality, and consciously using the law of attraction to create our ideal life and ideal relationship together. We are truly two peas in a pod, and fit together so well. We both wanted someone we could share everything with, both in terms of being relationship partners and business partners, and everything has come together so quickly and easily for us.

I am so excited that our on-line business is taking off so quickly, and I can’t wait to start helping hundreds of thousands of people create their ideal relationships using the law of attraction! I created my ideal relationship that way, and know I can help others do the same thing in their lives! 🙂

My life rocks!

I love, love, love how awesome my life is and how blessed I am!Coach T.I.A's Life Rocks!!

I have the most amazing people in my life who love, inspire, support and adore me and I them.

I love the close connected friendships that I share with so many awesome like minded peeps – gosh we have so much FUN esp now that summer is here. BBQ’s, hikes, concerts, dinners, dancing, festivals, beach days, walks, bike rides, DVD nights, boat cruises, slip n slide parties, sun and fun – every day is a pleasure and I wake up bouncing out of bed with the sheer joy of being alive!!

My heart beats fast in anticipation of the fabulous day I’m having, of the happiness all around me – this is surreal. This is life as it was meant to be, with every cell in my body vibrating with happiness and ALIVENESS!!

Thank you Universe, you gave me what I wanted and MORE! Every day you bring me more joy than I could think was possible. Love it!! Giggity~!