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The Group Reiki Healing class is a succe…

The Group Reiki Healing class is a success. I teach people a technique for healing their money vibe. The subsequent recording is selling 10 copies a day. Already 10 of the listeners became monthly Reiki clients. All this fun has brought in an amount equivalent to my financial investment in coach education in the past 2 years.
Every day is filled with laughter.

Definitely a LOA Capricorn horoscope

The Sun forms a magical quintile with your key planet Saturn today, giving you options that are not readily apparent to anyone else. You are the wizard now and can pull a solution out of thin air, even when others have failed. But accepting responsibility could be the very thing that gets in your way of success. If anything, it’s your ability to detach yourself from the outcome now that graces you with the realization of a plan that actually works. Thursday, June 25, 2009