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Release !!

My life has is taken on a more peaceful tone. Having become financially independent, I was dealing with, or trying to deal with all of the minutiae that comes with this life. So I have released a lot of the pent up frustrations I have held onto for years regarding control. I have taken all my fondest wishes and thoughts about how to control every situation and given it to the universe to sort out. I have released it all knowing that in it’s infinite wisdom, the universe has sorted it all out and all of the little details have been worked out already. It has been an awesome feeling to stop sweating all the small stuff. All of the heaviness I’ve felt is gone now. I have been struck by how peaceful things in my life have become. I no longer struggle with trying to have my way in every circumstance. All of the little anxieties that have been nibbling away at me are gone. It really is small stuff too. It’s an easy job for the universe to handle all of the little details that had me bogged down while trying to handle. It’s not my problem any more !! I have given it all up to the universe that keeps me in alignment with all of the wealth, money and love that has already blessed my life.