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Doctors don’t know jack.

Doctors don’t know jack.

I knew it as soon as I heard the diagnosis. A little frustrating to pay such good money for treatment from someone who knows so little about how scrappy cats are and how they don’t need the best odds to pull through with flying colors … but all that matters is that this little guy got the care he needed and it made all the difference.

It was immediately obvious that we made the right choice to give him a chance! The oxygen and the antibiotics combined gave him the leg up he needed to recover. His attitude is back, he’s playing with his brother and sister again, he’s putting on weight, he’s a happy camper again.

He’s back home and thriving – enjoying the free rein he gets in the house and even a couple of supervised adventures on the grass. Now the only question remaining is whether he’ll live at Verrall’s house or mine. hee hee

SO glad the “gamble” (as the doctors considered it) paid off, and I will never forget that DOCTORS DON’T KNOW JACK! I love ’em anyway, though. 🙂