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Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

$500 Lottery Scratcher

I am grateful for all of the things I have in my life today !! The loving universe has granted me all of my requests. I regularly gain money in surprising ways. Yesterday I won $500 on a lottery scratcher ticket !!! I took the money and we had a big BBQ up in the mountains at my brothers house which is very near the ski resorts !! Everybody got to enjoy the money that came to me in such a surprising way ! It’s awesome to know that even the little things I do result in more money flowing into my life for my benefit as well as for the benefit of others !! I keep my mind tuned into what the universe is telling me for more wealth and abundance. It feels really good to share as well !! !!!

Shout Out to the Universe !

What an awesome morning it is. I am so grateful everyday for the way that my life is unfolding.  Especially when I am out running in my neighborhood each morning.  Listening to my favorite music and seeing the beautiful yards my neighbors have.  I am so grateful that I live in such a beautiful area.  With it’s foothills and being at the very foot of the San Gabriel Mountain range. I gotta watch out for Bears and Mountain Lions when I run that early, but I’m grateful for them too. I’m grateful for the wealth, money and abundance that flows into my life everyday, as if by magic. I don’t even have to try, wealth just finds me where ever I happen to be, taps me on the shoulder and says here I am.  I’m so very grateful to be able to see my siblings be happy and carefree, it makes me feel happy and carefree also.  I’m grateful that I am healthy and able to work on and race  my awesome motorcycles.  It’s so much fun to feel that rush of adrenaline !! Thank you universe !! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!

My Life is Fantastic !

Money and wealth flow to me everyday, in surprising and joyful ways !! I own a beautiful, spacious and peaceful home where I practice my music everyday and I enjoy cooking delicious and amazing dinners for anyone who is hungry.  I have the means to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and so I do.  I run 5 miles 5 days a week, I practice yoga every morning at a beautiful little yoga studio in my town to heal my mind and body, I swim laps every night in my pool, I have enjoyed an amazing career racing speedway motorcycles for the past 10 years without any serious injuries,  I have been snowboarding for more than 20 years and I have traveled to some of the most amazing ski resorts and lodges in the world to enjoy my love of snowboarding, I still rock climb with some of the most prolific climbers in the world on the most beautiful granite cliffs in the world.  I secretly donate thousands of dollars to a different cause or benefit every year.

A Rollicking, Frolicking Summer of Dating Fun!!

Easy Love Manifestations Abe vid – FUN!!My Love, the Love Heart!

This is THE best summer I’ve ever had so far – lots of fun, happy, exciting times with amazing guys! Each date I go on and each guy I go out with just gets even better than the previous one!

I’m having SO much fun it’s almost illegal (yes miss J I’m finally manifesting your summer and it’s the perfect time for it!) 😀 PEople ask me HOW I’m so happy all the time and how I manage to attract such absolutely gorgeous, happy, fun, honest, spontaneous, exciting, affectionate, emotionally available, GREAT guys who are TOTALLY into me, one after the other and I say oh well, don’t you know? I asked for it!!

And at the end of summer, my lighthearted attitude towards dating and fun vibe brought THE one into my life 🙂 JUST as I knew it would. ALL this fun AND my dream man to boot – it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yeah.

WOOHOOO Thanks Universe!! LOve it :D!

My life rocks!

I love, love, love how awesome my life is and how blessed I am!Coach T.I.A's Life Rocks!!

I have the most amazing people in my life who love, inspire, support and adore me and I them.

I love the close connected friendships that I share with so many awesome like minded peeps – gosh we have so much FUN esp now that summer is here. BBQ’s, hikes, concerts, dinners, dancing, festivals, beach days, walks, bike rides, DVD nights, boat cruises, slip n slide parties, sun and fun – every day is a pleasure and I wake up bouncing out of bed with the sheer joy of being alive!!

My heart beats fast in anticipation of the fabulous day I’m having, of the happiness all around me – this is surreal. This is life as it was meant to be, with every cell in my body vibrating with happiness and ALIVENESS!!

Thank you Universe, you gave me what I wanted and MORE! Every day you bring me more joy than I could think was possible. Love it!! Giggity~!