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Catching Up !

Even though this site was down I kept writing. This is me catching up.

I am totally grateful for all that I have right now. I have a great job that has offered me advancement, I am well liked by all of my colleagues and I am very good at what I do. I am grateful for my car that gets me back and forth to work everyday. I am grateful for the opportunities that await me in the future. I flow with the universe and not against it. I am in alignment with my higher power everyday. The universe has granted me some amazing things in my life: the love of a beautiful woman, money and wealth, excellent job opportunities and freedom to do what ever I want. The universe is showing me the way to ever more health, financial wealth, love and abundance everyday. I only need to pay attention to the signs that are given to me everyday by the universe. I wish only to be aware of all of these signs and act in the best interest of everyone involved. All delays and roadblocks have long since been removed from my life. I now enjoy all of the swiftness that being in the flow with the universe brings. Amazingly, whenever I need something to come into my life, the universe provides it at the right moment. Job offers have poured in to me over the last several weeks, and I can choose whichever works best for me and my life. Money also flows to me in large amounts, right when I need it the most, I never have to wait the universe hears my request and sends it immediately. This is why I am grateful now. I have everything flowing to me in a beautiful synchronized fashion directly from the universe.

For My Parents !!

I wanted to give a special shout out to my parents today! I have two of the most amazing parents on the planet! They did an outstanding job raising me up in a very difficult decade, the 1960s. They did the very best that they could and I have come to realize just how difficult things were then. But, I turned out to be a generous, compassionate and loving person just the same. I am so very grateful that my parents were able to give that gift to me. The universe was showering me with love before I was even born and I want to acknowledge the fact that I see that now. I needed to try and put that into words here to remind myself of that fact !! I am very grateful that I have been able to give back some of what I have received by helping them in their retirement years. With so many people, including my parents, having lost some or even all of what they worked their whole lives to save for, their retirement, I have been able to give back some of that which was lost, to help see them through. I continue to help my parents financially and I am so very grateful to the universe for the financial abundance that allows me to do so. So, I need to give a really big THANK YOU to my mom and dad for my life!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!! I can never say it enough, Thank you !!

Abundance in all areas of life

Abundance is flowing to me in all areas of my life. They come as easily as I put it out to the universe because I am focused on the present and enjoying each and every moment of my life. I am happy and grateful for my life because in each experience it causes me to be a strong co-creator. I manifest everything I desire easily and effortlessly.

I had amazing year and excited and ready for all the blessings that are coming my way. I am financially happy because money flows to me in different avenues. I get unexpected money in my bank account, cheques in the mail and money just magically appears whenever I desire to have lots more. Wanting it and letting that desire go has become an easy technique for me. Visualizing is my favourite because it makes my journey so much easier and fun to boot!

All is well, I have all the money I could ever want. All the love from friends, family and my favourites cats and dogs. I am doing an amazing job at working towards my ultimate passion but loving the ride there.

Thank you Universe for all that I have received. I faithfully surrender to you.

Namaste universe!