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  1. AvatarDeep

    The universe continues to amaze me every moment. My life is full of wonderful people from every corner of the world and I’m enjoying every minute of my life enjoying their company in their beautiful country. All my wants are fulfilled and I’m so very grateful to the universe. I’m living a life full of happiness, peace and love. The love of my life is with me as I travel across the globe expanding my business. My business is flourishing and all my clients are completely satisfied and giving us even more profitable contracts. I’m able to do all the charity that I want for the betterment of humanity. My beautiful and cozy farm house is ready for me to visit during holidays. I’m leading a very content life and all are happy with me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Avatarkitty

    I am so grateful for my health! I am so strong – 10km AIDS Walk in the city was a piece of cake today! My whole immune system is healthy and in a perfect balance, my thyroid produces just the perfect amount of hormones, my adrenal glands are perfectly aligned and all other systems are just happily in sync! My mind is clear and quick, I read fast and comprehend everything easily, I do everything on time and with great clarity and satisfaction! I am feeling great about work and myself, I bring joy to my colleagues – they are glad to be working with me – and I am happy and joyful myself!

  3. Avatarreasmeiyangkor

    Everything that happened and is happening in my life, I asked for.
    The universe is truly listening to my every thought, how amazing.
    I asked for children and now I have 2 simply amazing and magical sons of my dreams.
    I asked for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and be the one to raise my own children and work from home, that is what I’ve been blessed with for the past 4 years.
    I asked for a writing gig and I was offered my own column on Culture/Life with an online magazine.
    My house is full of candles, plants, love, and money is everywhere.
    I won the lottery and happy as a bee.
    Thank you great universe giving me my king, and reuniting me with my soulmate HM KNS.
    Life is exactly how I had imagined it to be and is getting better and better everyday.

  4. Avatartiffany blue

    I journaled a few hours about having a summer full of surprises, and I found out a few hours later that I’ll be spending a week at a beach-front condo with my favorite family members and my absolute best friend!

    Talk a bout a great surprise!

  5. Avatarjanettedalgliesh

    Oh, who needs to go to bed – went to log off and just couldn’t do it… So, here are two utterly different success stories for this month that I thought people might enjoy.

    My fastest manifestation ever:
    I was at an event in Melbourne a couple of days ago, outside the State Library, standing in front of a large bronze statue of a Very Important Man of some kind (a Chief Justice, I think…). Someone had set up a flag so it looked like he was holding it, and one of my friends wanted to get a photo – but of course the wind had dropped and the flag was kinda draped across his face. So as she’s getting her camera ready – I quickly intended wind. Hmm, I know how that sounds…but I know that you know what I mean!! Sure enough, a few seconds later she aims her camera and settles herself for the shot – and a little breeze springs up and the flag unfurls and flies up to reveal not only the statue’s face, but the flag itself. I did a little mini-dance of joy, it was such a perfect little moment!

    The most unexpected manifestation:
    The other success story is a bit bigger. We’ve been in our current house for about a year, and all that time we’d experienced our student neighbours being noisy, about on a weekly basis. Mostly just high spirits with loud voices, often loud music and occasionally screaming matches in the street, well into the small hours of the morning. I never wanted to be one of those neighbours who complains, and they seemed like nice enough kids. But it used to rile me and I kept wondering what I should do about it. Confront them? Complain to their landlord? Ask them nicely? None of that felt right – because deep down I knew that I WAS CREATING the situation. Even though they’d already been living there when we moved in, I create everything in my own reality – right?

    So a couple of weeks ago I realised that I had to make peace with the loud music and the laughter and hollering. And I asked myself, what is it that annoys me about it? And I realised, I was stressing because I thought I would have trouble sleeping if they were noisy – AHA! So I made the decision that I would sleep just fine, even if it meant going to sleep with my iPod in my ears. Wonderful! And of course, once I’d done that, I really didn’t care if they were noisy or not – wasn’t my problem any more.

    Two weeks later, they moved out. And now the owner is doing up the house, which means the next tenants will probably not be students again. In fact, right now I’m intending for it to be a young mum with a toddler and a dog – the toddler so they will go to bed early like us, and the dog so I can borrow it to go for walks!!!

    There have been loads of others, but those are my two favourites. Thanks Universe, you rock!

  6. AvatarAngel M

    I wanted to tell you a quick manifesting story too – just this morning, I needed to book an appointment for my son for a complete physical. I needed a Wednesday sometime in the next month or two. Preferably with his PCP, but first available would be ok.

    At first the appointment secretary said “we are totally booked with upper respiratory cases and the flu – we might even have to have you call back in July for a *September* appointment.” I told her I understood, and waited patiently while she looked at all available appointments. While she was doing that, I said to myself “an appointment is going to open up for the doctor I want at a time I want, OHM SHANTI (what I say to myself to calm down)…..” and guess what? Suddenly she said “oh, that’s strange, there we go – we can give you Dr. X (his Doctor) on July 9 at 1 pm (which is *exactly the time I wanted*!!!!)

    YEE HA!!!!

    Thanks for helping me understand the power I’ve been given innately – and, more importantly, how to *use it*!!!!

  7. AvatarCS

    If you haven’t ordered her new book, I highly encourage you to do so as it is a must read! Let me share with you the first manifestation my mom had before she even finished the book.

    My mom has been very sad lately as her and my younger sister have had some disharmony in their relationship. Because of that, my sister will not let my mom spend any time with her grandson.

    For the past few weeks, my mom has called him and he has not responded for the fear he will get caught by his mother. So today I spent time with my mom and asked her to go sit in her favorite chair and read Jeannette’s e-book.

    My mom read until page 30 and was then inspired to close her eyes and visualize her and her grandsom spending time together laughing and having a very good time.

    Do you know that only a few minutes later she heard her cell phone telling her she had a new text.
    Guess what??

    The text was a message from her grandson telling her that his mom has given him permission for them to spend time together and how soon can he see her? Big Wow!!!

    How quick was that!!!! My mom didn’t even have to get out her pen.

    It was soooo wonderful seeing her face light up when she was telling me about the text she received. What a blessing! Priceless!

    Tonight, we went out to Target and together bought more journals as we are very excited and eager to start creating even more miracles.

    Thank you Jeannette!! Add this story to the many success stories you will be receiving.

    🙂 You rock!

    PS – that’s not even counting my example of getting $12,000 within 3 days of starting my journal!

  8. AvatarHuge Fan

    Jeanette! WOW! I have the coolest story ever (at least for me!) to share with you about the huge success of your Pray Rain Journaling Book. It is seriously the best investment in a book I have ever made.

    Everyone has heard about the doom & gloom housing market. Its a buyers market. Its a terrible time to sell. I wanted to sell my house and everyone told me I’d lose money and that I was foolish. I wasn’t going to buy into the negative media for one minute. I wasn’t going to listen to everyone’s commentary. Did it scare me? Heck yes. Did I let it overwhelm me? No way.

    I bought your Pray Rain Journal back when you first launched it, downloaded it, but never did anything with it. I didn’t open it and certainly didn’t read it. But, in the great Universe’s typical fashion, remembered I had it when I thought about my need to sell my house in this “horrible” housing market.

    I read the book in the bathtub before I put my house on the market. After my bath, I went out shopping in search of the perfect journal. I wanted it to be cute and short. After all, I didn’t have all year to sell my house. I found a cute black and white spiral topped journal with a hot pink band and bought a matching hot pink pen. It just felt so great!

    I wrote in my little journal and loved the feeling it gave me. Whenever I was feeling panicked or nervous, I took it out and starting writing good vibes. I wrote about how smooth the sale went, that buyers loved my house, that the feedback was great, the offer full price, the inspection went great, the appraisal was easy, and on and on. On the back of the journal pages, I wrote about the things I was grateful for.

    I even told co-workers about my journal and my “hokey pokey” positive thinking stuff. Since I’m new to my job, they kind of thought I was crazy. But were very nice about it. My boss affectionately teased me about my short journal wishing for a quickly sold house.

    I finished my journal last Wednesday morning.

    I got a full price offer on my house last Wednesday evening. Holy moly, that was fast! You weren’t kidding when you said that when the journal is finished, you get what you ask for! It was great to tell my boss about me selling my house. I think he was shocked, and a little bit curious about what all this pray rain journaling stuff is about.

    The inspection just got signed off on about 10 minutes ago. There is a simple repair that is less than $200 to do. That is it! (And on a 1920 house, that is pretty amazing!) I had my confidence waiver a bit here and there. I found that rubbing my Pray Rain Journal for good luck and good vibe seems to help. I even went as far as sleeping with it under my pillow before the inspection because I chose that the good vibes would seep into my head as I slept. 🙂 It seemed to keep my spirits calm. (Hey, you do what feels right, right?)

    I know the appraisal will go great. We’re closing early next month. So much for a “down” housing market. I sold my house for full price in two weeks.

    I have your Pray Rain Journaling book to thank for that.

    Anyway, just had to share.

  9. AvatarCat Lover

    Thought you’d like to hear of a great success story my partner and I have had recently – it involves cats, so know you will love it!!

    My partner and I are responsible for the advertising for the local cat rescue group. Each week we photograph one of the cats our local branch has for rehoming and then write the adverts and submit ad and photo to the local newspaper.

    One of the old girls we had advertised several times just was not getting a home. She had been in rescue for about 5 months. She had been overlooked many times and was getting pretty sad. So my partner and I decided to Pray Rain for her, or to be exact, Pray Home!! We didn’t even write anything down – we just held an intention to Pray Home and visualised her in a new home. Guess what – in less than a week she was in a new home and loved to bits. Flushed with success, the next week we had to photograph a couple of British Blue sisters. So we did our Pray Home for them – well, even before their ad appeared in the paper they had a home to go to!!!

    Obviously we are not sharing our “secret weapon” with the “mature” ladies who run our local group as they may be a little worried to have a couple of “witches” in their midst, but it’s working so we don’t worry.

    We seem to be overdoing it now!! The last lovely white girl we advertised had two possible homes practically fighting over her! Now all we need to do is find homes for the kittens we have coming out of our ears!!!

    Take care

  10. AvatarAW

    A few days ago I read your posts about the Pray Rain Journal over at
    your Blog.

    I just HAVE to tell you what happened.

    I’d been feeling really frustrated about my situation with my boyfriend of 3 years. He stopped coming over, didn’t ever want to hang out, and our phone conversations were often very short and ended badly. One night I was just so overwhelmed with feeling unappreciated that I started writing him a letter (on normal notebook paper). After three lines, I was crying really hard and realized, this isn’t making me feel better.

    Then I remembered the Pray Rain journal and decided to change my tone.

    I skipped a line on the page, indented, and started a new letter. I wrote to him, saying how much I adore him and how glad I was that he cherished me so much. It was all the polar opposite of how I truly felt. I stopped after only eleven more lines and went to sleep.

    Eventually, I got a call from him which lasted longer than all the calls of the previous week added together. We went out and had a great weekend after nearly a month of thinking we would break up.

    I didn’t immediately see the magic, but when I thought about it, I realized I got that call only one day after writing the pray rain journal. One day!!!

    OMG. =) Thank you so much, Jeannette Maw. <3

  11. AvatarGrateful

    It just keeps getting better and better. I am being blessed in ways that I could never imagine. I did more phone readings this week than ever before from new clients across the US that are “finding me” (I felt them finding me) and my phone just keeps on ringing for new and repeat in-person clients. And, the gratuities that I am receiving are often double and triple what my fee is. Like I said, thanks doesn’t come close to expressing what you have done for me and will do through me for my clients. Oh yes. I had one client who is so excited because she lost 8 lbs after journaling for 10 days. The cool thing is she losing the weight because she has a renewed sense of self-respect.

  12. AvatarHappy Girl

    I finally began writing…yes about my magazine that I’m going to put together, but first I prayed for clients. I’ve not had any in months….I just started writing and in TWO days, just signed up 3 clients! This is huge! Just wanted to share with you how excited I am, and how much your Pray Rain Journal has helped me!

  13. AvatarKim

    I successfully used your Pray Rain Journaling method to purchase a ‘new’ car in February and then again to pay off the loan balance four months later!!! Woohoo!!! This stuff is GREAT!!

  14. AvatarJ.W.

    I liked the part of your book that tells just pick something small and intend it.

    So, my girlfriend and I on Thursday did just that. she asked for a Coupon to be given to her. I asked for a gas card .

    On Friday we confirmed with each other what we were looking for . and I confirmed the gas card but I also was looking for a lawn goose ..to keep critters away from my garden . they are $50.00 each . so I asked for one on sale or half price .

    Saturday , we both worked in the moring till noon . when she left she went to mcdonalds across the street and the City Police were in line at Mcdonalds handing out coupons for free french fries !

    I went to Sturbridge to the yankee pedler for the goose. they had one that was a little damaged so I got it for $45.00 not quite half price but it was something . Saturday night I went to the anniversary party forone of the local Credit Unions and they gave everyone an envelope and guess what was in the envelope.No, not a goose ! ha ha

    It was a gas card ! for $25.00 . I was so excited I had to call my friend on my cell while I was at the party !

    so then someone with me gave me their gas card because they dont get gas at Sunoco.. I get gas where ever ! so I took the card and sunday morning I started to think and ” I got another $25 gas card , I paid $45.00 for the goose …so you could say I got the goose for half price . !

    So today I was asking for something free. not anything special just something free . My Husband and I went to the city for supper…they have place that serves polish food and it’s a nice ride. On the way home I saw a glider rocker chair in a driveway . I said is that Free?? so my husband turned around and we went back but couldn’t see any sign on it .. so we turned around and went back again and the wind blew a piece of paper that was taped to the chair .

    I got out and flipped the sign over ” FREE” .. It is a beautiful oak glider rocker. with a pillow seat that has pockets on the side and everything is perfect . It has a spot on the cusion that I got out with Shout and a little rip on the back of the cusion ..but you can’t see it and it doesn’t affect anything ! so I have a lovely FREE rocker glider to put in my new bedroom !

    so I had a very interesting couple of days . !

    I am intending an unexpected check …I’ll let you know what happens ! Thanks again !


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