Sometimes They Come Back !!

Once again people are coming to me for help. Over the past 24 hours several former employers have called me asking if I would be interested in coming to work for them again. It feels pretty freakin’ good actually because I’m already working at a job that pays me a fantastic salary with awesome benefits. still I am considering it because both were really fun jobs but for completely different reasons and I know the people involved already love my work. It’s pretty interesting how things like this seem to pop up very unexpected like and when I am already financially set and doing something I enjoy. I very well could be getting the high sign from the Universe to switch things up a bit. Things just keep going my way in terms of money and I like it that way. Since I have released just about everything else to the Universe, I can’t help but feel extremely laid back about it all. Such a great way to live life !! Anyways, I know that the flow will guide me towards even more wealth and abundance in my life and I don’t have to really try or worry about a thing. It’s all going to be taken care of !! This feels so good !!

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