Something wonderful happened today. I me…

Something wonderful happened today. I met the little angel whom i met 3 months back. The amazing thing is she recognised me . She came and hugged me and said i love you mamma. Seeing these her father came and told sorry to me. I said that is okay. After which we both had a litle chat. From what he told me i came to know that misti’s biological mom passed away when she was about 5. Mist still does not know about that and belives that mom had gone somewhere to work on a project. Another thing which he told me was that misti’s mom resembeled me. He showed me her photo. Yes he is right. She looked very much like me. I dont know how this is possible. We both talked for half an hour. In the meantime i fed mist icecream. She sat on my lap. Her father sat on the other end looking at how wel me and misti and bonding with each other. All these time he also sat with gok and gave him company. He watched him when he was on escalator. I was amazed to see how wel he interacts with gok. He told that he had voluntered in a school for children with aut. That is how he came to know about many things. All 4 of us had an incredible time

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