SO many good things happening .. I pract…

SO many good things happening .. I practically have to start a list to keep track of them all. Every where I turn – more good news, more fun, more love, more laughter, more good times! It was SO true what they said – it just gets better and better, and that the more you practice these feelings, the more natural and habitual they become. Some of the specifics – all the animals are healthy and have been for a long time! My vet misses me!! Omgosh, I have the CUTEST wardrobe! It is a JOY to get dressed every day to wear something fabulous. It is so ME! And I’m eating things I love, I’m working on projects that are fabulous, the money’s rolling in more than ever before (and I am SUCH a fan of big easy money, that I really enjoy that one!), my sweetie is sweeter than ever, we’re closer than we ever have been and I understand now the value of LONG term relationships. It really is just ridiculously good!! LIFE IS GOOD!! 🙂

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