Shout Out to the Universe !

What an awesome morning it is. I am so grateful everyday for the way that my life is unfolding.  Especially when I am out running in my neighborhood each morning.  Listening to my favorite music and seeing the beautiful yards my neighbors have.  I am so grateful that I live in such a beautiful area.  With it’s foothills and being at the very foot of the San Gabriel Mountain range. I gotta watch out for Bears and Mountain Lions when I run that early, but I’m grateful for them too. I’m grateful for the wealth, money and abundance that flows into my life everyday, as if by magic. I don’t even have to try, wealth just finds me where ever I happen to be, taps me on the shoulder and says here I am.  I’m so very grateful to be able to see my siblings be happy and carefree, it makes me feel happy and carefree also.  I’m grateful that I am healthy and able to work on and race  my awesome motorcycles.  It’s so much fun to feel that rush of adrenaline !! Thank you universe !! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!

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