ROFLMAO! Decided to share a PRJ occurren…

ROFLMAO! Decided to share a PRJ occurrence that I know everyone on this blog will totally appreciate. Yesterday evening I stumbled across an online piece by Kim Falconer, written just before her wonderful book went out into the world early this year. I quote:

“Seven days until The Spell of Rosette hits the bookstores and I am so excited! I’m actually shaking.” (To see it in full, go to Comment #3 at

Oooh! I thought – what a great vibe to include in my own paper PRJ, which I normally do in bed. Trouble is, I got a bit carried away with imagining the DAY before my own novel hits the bookstores, and MY version ended up going something like…. “I’m so excited I can’t sleep…”

Yep, you guessed it. I manifested instant, rampaging insomnia… hands up anyone who is surprised, LOL!

But it’s all good. After 15 minutes of staring at the ceiling I realised what was going on. Laughed (quietly so as not to wake hubby!), then got up and spent the next 2 hours editing my own Chapter 5 – woohoo!

5 thoughts on “ROFLMAO! Decided to share a PRJ occurren…

  1. AvatarInner Genius Coach

    You guys are great company. I love powerful and deliberate manifestors. Jeanette, you know how to bring home some healthy dinner. I enjoy knowing that it only took you a little over six hours to manifest a delicious and healthy meal.

    Janette and Kim, you are both the grand patron saints of book manifestations so I bow at your feet.


    Iyabo Asani

    Inner Genius Coach’s last blog post..Inner Genius: Your Left Brain and Your Right Brain

  2. Avatarjmaw

    This is cool … guess who called from the store to see what I was in the mood for dinner tonight? I said, ah, you’ve been working in your mom’s yard all day, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is cook a big dinner tonight. He said, actually, we’re both home for dinner, it’d be nice to have a nice dinner with you. And he went on to suggest a variety of alternatives, all of them much healthier and delicious than the normal fare he thinks of first!

    And I said, pick whatever you want. And I just walked through the kitchen to see a full course meal with veggies & protein included! YAY!

    Thanks for the great dinner tonight, Janette & Kim. I figured I owe thanks here as much as to my sweetie. hee hee


  3. Avatarjmaw

    Having a “could have had a V8 moment” with that “loves to cook for me” piece! Actually, he probably does enjoy cooking for me, I just wish he were healthier and better at it. lol

    Thanks for the laughs this morning, you two!

    Before I sign off, how about this: It’s WONDERFUL how Russ has expanded his cooking horizons, and is trying new things that I absolutely LOVE and my body does too! He’s paying more attention to his health, and I am the lucky recipient of his new health consciousness! woo hoo!!

  4. Avatarjanettedalgliesh Post author

    ooh, ‘loves to cook for me’ is fab – hadn’t even occurred to me as a possibility!! Yes, I figured you would get this story 😀

  5. AvatarKimFalconer

    Oh Janette, I love this story and not just because I’m in it! Yes, excitement at bedtime can lead to insomnia, unless your husband’s awake too (hee hee hee).

    I actually picked up a lovely vibe to sit with this morning . . . ‘quietly so as not to wake him . . .’ That’s something very sweet for MY PRJ.

    (Which, BTW, when I added last week ‘loves to cook for me’, the next day a gorgeous man asked me to lunch. He said, ‘I’d love to cook for you!’)

    I bust out laughing!

    Love the Pray Rain!!!

    Love you!



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