Realizing My Potential to Manifest !!

The universe continues to shower me with an abundance of money, wealth and love.  In the last few days I have earned money for services I am currently providing, received checks in the mail from any number of people and businesses and I have actually found money, that’s right FOUND MONEY, (this last one I realized right away that it was directly from the universe answering my request).  I am totally grateful for all of the money, wealth and love that flows directly to me from the universe.  Here is one of the more amazing themes that has caught my attention over the last few days: I am a single guy and I’m always looking to meet women that have potential for dating and/or long term relationship. Over the last several days I have been meeting one after the other, after the other of mostly single, beautiful and potential dates and/or lovers.  There were a couple of very in depth conversations and one young lady in particular caught my eye and the electricity/chemistry/something (?) was very apparent.  Several people passing by actually stopped in their tracks and turned to stare for a few seconds at us and all we were doing was talking. It was that palpable.  Now it turns out that she is currently dating someone but she made it clear that she was uncertain of that relationships future.  Anyways, you get the idea of what it’s been like for the last couple of days in that department.  SO, here I am, open and ready to except all of the money, wealth and love that is right now being showered upon me in abundance from the universe that hears my requests and gets crackin’ on those requests without delay !!

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