Reach for the stars

What a celebration we had for my daughter tonight.
After a long struggle for her to graduate, I am so proud of her as she has pressed in and made it happen.
I love that she feels so empowered by her own hard work, success and accomplishments. She is an amazingly gifted child with so much to offer the planet and with this graduation she is beginning to see for herself how amazing she really is. We had a grand dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, the servers were extra special to her and even came out and brought her a beautiful cake with candles. Tears came to my eyes as I told her how much I loved her and how proud of her we were, we gifted her very generously with some cash to spend however she pleases, and she looked beautiful just glowing with confidence and happiness. She so deserves this success, and I am deeply grateful for her, her strenghth, courage and her determination. As she reaches for her future dreams I am confident that whatever goals she sets for herself she has the inner strength to make it happen!

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