New Sun, New Moon, New Week

return_waterhouse_the_sorceress What an amazing week ahead.

The New Moon is dazzling and all kinds of wonderful experiences are appearing in my life–meditations opening my third eye, a dinner date turning into a new level of relating, a minor character taking the plot to extreme and fascinating places that even surprise me, great news from unexpected corners and, could it get better financially? It does!

Mostly I am in awe of the connections I have–the level of love and intimacy is profound.

In deep gratitude and Love,

2 thoughts on “New Sun, New Moon, New Week

  1. AvatarKimFalconer Post author

    OMG It has ALL come to pass. Why does this surprise me? It’s not like I don’t understand the laws of the universe! It’s just the WAY it comes to pass is the same in ESSENCE but different in FORM. This is what I’m talking! Thank you Universe for the surprise within the surprise!


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