New Beginnings

I am so happy and grateful for this fresh start in life. My life has expanded into this incredible state that just gets better and better. I feel at ease not knowing what will happen, and it provides me with this amazing opportunity to let go and trust. Building the trust muscle. How do we know we have it within us if if we dont get the opportunities to consciously vibrate at trust?
I love trusting that all is well and everything is working out perfectly, it feels so much better than worry.
I love the feeling of security and comfort that sprit bathes me in.
Relaxation comes easy for me, i just breathe it in.
Ive never known peace this profound and its the contrast thats helped to define the peace with more clarity and definition.
I find comfort in knowing I can always choose peace and the delight and gratitude that exudes from the core of my being lights my way.
Every day in every way my life gets better, better and better.
Thank you spirit!

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