My Success is Now

Today, I do only what makes me feel good.

Today, I participate not because I should, but because I choose to.

I release the anger and self-hate.  The relationships I am in are because I feel good in them.

I love my life.

I let go of all the silly anxieties, worries and regrets I have dwelled upon.

I am full of love, energy and well-being.

My body is a center of energy & love.

My success is based on the peace I am able to maintain.  I am successful in my relationships and at maintaining a balance.

I am grateful for my powerful, strong, unique body.  It fulfills my physical experience and gives me joy.

I am joyful this life is such a gift.  Every moment I am here is another gift.

Thank you!

May the reflection of my soul descend joy into other’s lives.

I have built a castle of love, joy, peace, abundance and goodwill.  I love everyone and realize they are all my teachers.

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