My Small PRJ With Many Many Pages!!

I like the idea of carrying around a portable PRJ with me that fits in my pocket, pouch or purse!!

I love that when I feel discouraged by my work situation, the PRJ is right within reach and easy to jot down a beautiful sentence or 2 about my eventual exit.

I wrote a resignation letter in my PRJ-which the letter is a work in progress!

It reads as follows:

Dear Administrative People, I am giving 4-6 weeks notice and will be leaving 9/9/09. I am sorry to leave all my friends because I love all of you.

I have been summoned by my highest calling to move on to other realms of contribution.

I appreciate all of it!!


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About kateloving

Born and raised in Lancaster County PA, and a nurse for 25 years, I feel a stirring within myself to go out and try my entrepreneurial online wings and leave behind the workplace forever. This is currently what I am using my PRJ for, specifically.

4 thoughts on “My Small PRJ With Many Many Pages!!

  1. Avatarkateloving Post author

    Yes, the work in progress and process which really isn’t work, after all, but a beautiful kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities!!

  2. Avatarjmaw

    Oooh – “artist’s blank canvas” — goose bumps! That IS exactly it – we are totally free to create whatever we want with our lives, and the more we practice that, the more fun we have with it!

    WOO HOO!!

  3. AvatarKate Loving Shenk

    Yes, yes & yes!! All the unhappiness in the workplace revolves around a sense of hopelessness that there’s no way out– that J.O.B. Is the only reality!!

    PRJ is like an artist blank canvas waiting for us to create the life of our dreams.

    This or something better!

  4. Avatarjanettedalgliesh

    kateloving I’m just gonna have to steal your PRJ because it is a perfect fit for me, too!! 😀

    Okay – maybe I could just borrow it? LOL!

    Thank you for this, it’s given me a brilliant insight into a block I have been creating for myself. I’ve had loads of successful shifts this year, but was (until now!) struggling about the transition from the current employment scenario to something better and more free. And of course, you have helped me to understand that ALL I have to do is know what I want, feel what it’s going to be like – and the HOW of it is not my responsibility!!!

    Phew, what a relief!


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