My life partner

My husband who came to my life after my divorce with s and at a time when i was enjoying a wonderful time with myself, coming to know the real me, what is my life purpose and i was ready for a new reationship. I was sure about what kind of person i want to spend my life with. The most important quality that i was looking at that time was that he must be filled with positive vibe. And he must father my son just as his own ready to adopt him and my son would become the 25% rightful owner of his(my partners)asset. Other qualities inclue he must be fun, loving, caring, compassionate, loyal, friendly, supportive, healthy, romantic, indipendent. And now when i am spending my days with him i am sure he is more than what i ever hoped for. He is so strong that nothing can disturb his peace of mind. He makes everyone realize how worthy they are. He always looks at the sunny side of everthing. A very optimistic person who only thinks and works and expects for the best. He always wears a cheerful expression and gives a smile to every living creature that he meets.. He always says that i am more than everything that he had hoped for in a wife. His business is very successful. He loves us ; his family soo much that he says we are his back bone. His bonding with G is marvelous. He loves for both g and Mist is pure. My partner and i are totally, completly and absolutely in love with each other. This feels fabulous. I deserve the loving relationship that i am enjoying right now. I am very greatful for this.

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