My Life In The Flow

Everyday I find myself in the flow. Everything I do, say and feel brings me more and more of what I want in life. It just happens. I don’t really have to do anything. Money, wealth and abundance are swept into my path by the flow.  Everywhere I turn I feel the flow gently pushing me along.  A parking space up front, tickets to a sold out concert belonging to a beautiful woman who needs someone to go with her, people who want me to come work for them so badly that they are offering signing bonuses. These things really happen. All I have to do is follow the flow and it takes me right to the very spot I need to be at the very moment I need to be there. Even in my sleep I float along with the flow of my life, where I get little previews of “Coming Attractions”.  I love the feeling too, it’s like someones hands on your shoulder pointing you in the direction they want you to go. It feels very reassuring. I have to go now, because the flow is guiding me to new destinations full of wealth and abundance.

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