My dream has come true. I am finally wor…

My dream has come true. I am finally working and knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life and I am making great money too! I have plenty of time for my kids and Stephen and I have so much time together. We travel all over the world with our kids. I am so grateful that this job came my way. Every day I feel proud of what I do. It has meaning and joy like I have never found in my life. I have a new feeling of purpose and I have been able to pay off all of my debt!!! It feels like a miracle every day. Every breathe, every step every student taught I give thanks for the love I have in my heart. I am happy and successful. I am full of energy and healed. I feel grateful for all that I have and worked for. Working is as easy as breathing. Taking care of my children is a joy, and loving my husband is wonderful. I love to see Stephen play with our children out in the yard and by the ocean. We have a beautiful life. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. Thank you. thank you. Thank you!

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