My Beautiful, Busy Life !

I am grateful to the universe for all of the abundance that I have in my life. I have all of the financial wealth, health and love that I have always dreamed of right now in my life. I have lots of money to share with my family and especially my brother who is about to welcome a son into the world. I am so grateful that I can give my brother such a large amount of money at a time when he needs it the most. I am also grateful for all of the money I have in my life to do all of the things I have ever wanted to do. I own my house, which is a beautiful house where I have everything I need. I love to cook and I do so often for all of my friends and family. My house is my sanctuary and I am so happy when I am home enjoying all of the comfort that it brings me. I never worry about having to pay the bills every month. In fact it gives me great joy to be able to pay all of my bills off in full every month. This leaves me with such a great feeling of satisfaction and contentment that I regularly jump for joy when I am finished paying all of my bills. I am grateful for all of the money I have to be able to own several cars and motorcycles. I very much enjoy driving my 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster down to get coffee at the local Starbucks or to get ice cream at Cold Stone. I am grateful to be able to race my beautiful Speedway Motorcycles on Saturday nights. It is such a great thrill for me every weekend that I even enjoy the Sunday morning clean up process that follows a night of racing. My garage is also such a fun pace to be. I am so grateful to be able to work on my motorcycles in a clean and orderly garage. I even have a 42 inch flat screen television in my garage to be able to watch Formula One and Drag Racing during my Sunday morning, after Speedway clean up projects. I am grateful for all of these things in my life right now, today.

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