Mists father ringed me up today and aske…

Mists father ringed me up today and asked whether i am free this saturday. He has got four tickets for a movie and mist and him would like to watch with me and g. I said yes and he said he and mist wil be here sat morning to pick us. I told him the good news that s himself has told about divorce. He is very happy and said saturday we are cleberating it.

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    All four of us had a very nice time yesterday. First we went for the movie. The show was at 11. We reached there 10 minutes before so g got enf time to get settled. The movie had lots of good songs and it was a sports based movie. So both kids had smthing they like. Mists father made sure all 3 of us are comfortable and enjoying the movie. He interacted with the kids. After the movie we went to the kids club. There both children had a blast. While both children were enjoying the rides me and him sat and shared a lot of insights on various topics. It was not tha we both shared the same opinion on every we had our own dofferences, but both of us are matured enough to see them as just a subject of debate and understand that everyone has the right to express their opinion without hurting anyone. We both felt a bit close to soul. We had many things in common, like we both like to help people in need. We both loved children, we both like to settle in a calm,friendly, neighbourhood with a view of mountains and creeks in our backyard. In between mist came and asked whther she can come and stay with me and gokul, he asked me whther it is okay since he has an imp meeting and mist will be alone also since monday is a holiday we dont have to worry and he can pick her up on monday evening. Once the children finished all the rides we went to the restaurant and had both veg and nonveg. He shared with me as a child he was a pure vegetarian, but after he began his business career he had to make a change in his diet. By the time we finished it was 8 pm since he had a meeting to attend and both children were a bit sleepy we decided to wind up. They dropped us home. Mist hugged me and gave me goodnight kiss before leaving


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