Mistis father ringed me up today also. W…

Mistis father ringed me up today also. We talk for about two hours today. He talked to me in a friendly way. I understood one thing he has great respect for women. He loves children.. We both shared our likes and dislikes.in between i talked with mist. She is very excited about our saturday outing. We discussed about what we should wear, she told me about what she did in school. She told about rikie mam and many more. Again me and mists father talked. This time we talked about what we do in our free time. I told, i read books, watch tv or i surf net, but when i heard what he does i was surprised, he is a very busy business man who is travelling most of the time yet he finds time to volunteer in ngo s . He spents 25 % of his income monthly to a charity. I told him about my wish and how i am unable to do anything about it. He gave me a few contacts and promised he will take me there soon. We ended our chat by saying good night to each other.

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