Lovely Cantering Today

Guenther and I had many lovely canters today, on the beach and through the woods.  He goes right into a canter with just a light suggestion or thought from a walk, trot and once during a stand still.  His canter is so lovely to ride, a true rocking horse canter.  It is so naturally collected and feels like we are cantering in place; it’s just pure joy.   He comes down from the canter to whatever gait I hold in my mind; we are truly connected.   He knows how much I love to canter and gives the very best of himself to me and  just writing about it brings tears to my eyes.  I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving animal as my partner.  He is one in a million.  Tomorrow we will be riding with other horses so more to report.

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Just really sinking my teeth into being a deliberate creator. I have had many great LOA gifts come my way and I keep a journal of them which definitely raises my vibration when I right them all down. They make me smile and smile. There are so many of them that happen almost everyday!

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