LifeLine + Artwork = Fulfilled Nikki!

I love how my passions have evolved and connected with my high purpose of helping and inspiring others.

My LifeLine practice touches the lives of so many people. And as my clients awaken to their power, shed their symptoms and begin to thrive, I can’t help but be humbled by seeing them shine. Each soul is on a journey to their own purpose, and it is my honor to walk with them on their path, harmonizing obstacles and watching them grow. I mean, how cool is that? I just do the work I love, and as a result peoples lives improve dramatically!

The LifeLine Technique is relatively new, and that just makes everyone more interested in experiencing it. As a result, my practice is growing like crazy! I see amazing, almost unexplainable results, as symptoms vanish and people thrive… and then they tell their friends! I love that my advertising is free and unsolicited! And since LifeLine works in person or on the phone, I enjoy connecting with clients worldwide. I look forward to traveling to meet my overseas clients face to face!

My other passion is my artwork. My clients see in my paintings the same energy I bring to my LifeLine sessions, and wish to own my artwork as a reminder of their own journey and accomplishments. Every time a new painting goes up on my wall, it is instantly sold. It is as if I am delivering a completed masterpiece just in time for the perfect buyer to walk through my door. I am still amazed at how cool the timing works out, and also the paintings I create – even though I know they came from my hands, it sure seems there is something far greater at work here!

Creating artwork is a meditation for me. It grounds and connects me. It is going inward and taking care of me. And working with clients on the LifeLine Technique is my outreach, teaching and inspiring others how to move through their challenges and thrive. It is a fascinating balance, going inward and reaching outward, and I am continually amazed at how fulfilled, happy, connected and profitable I have become… simply by being true to my Self.

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