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I just love this new technology in computers. I still remember the old system where we had to “log on” to each site with a user name and password. And of course The user site and password each had to be different for each site. How did they ever expect us to remember that? And sometimes you would have to type in a distorted word that you couldn’t even read. Do you remember that? I am so happy now that every internet site I visit automatically knows it’s me, no matter what internet device I am using. I don’t know how this new system works but whoever came up with it should get the Nobel Prize, or something!
I love, love love it!

2 thoughts on “Latest in Computers

  1. AvatarKimFalconer

    I’m appreciating the technology with you, LoveLife! I mean, does anyone remember when there was no internet? No world wide web? Talk about getting connected. I love it this!


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